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Fairshares: One Stop Online Megastore for All your ATM Needs

ATM Installation Fairshares is a full service ATM company, specializing in bringing premium ATM related products and services to its clients, at the best rates in the country. We exclusively design our systems, and package them with world-class services to help you maximize your internal resources and generate substantial profits. Some of the services that we offer include, but are not limited to: ATM placement, ATM processing, ATM sales, Mobile ATM service, ATM cabinets, ATM signs, and more. We have well-trained and certified technicians, who meet and exceed industry standards, and are always ready to step in and help if something goes wrong. At Fairshares, we are committed towards making your ATM experience a positive one!

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Fairshares ATM Installation Services are truly second to none


Our ATM Vendor offer first rate assistance, from site selection to final install.  No matter what your business, With our ATM Locator we can find the right place to install your ATM Machine.  We can help you look for the right place to optimize visibility and make the best of existing and anticipated customer traffic patterns so that you can meet your desired objectives.  This is not something that is often well considered in other companies, and highlights one of the Fairshares “differences”.  We also help asses other needs such as dedicated phone lines and other utilities access.

Fairshare’s ATM vendors are having years of experience installing ATM Machines for our clients, we have the knowhow to adapt to any situation.

We have a number of versatile options for you to consider and can answer all questions you may have concerning each one:

You can opt to manage the entire ATM once the ATM install is complete.  You would take care of all the stock needs, maintenance responsibilities and technical details.  Of course, if this task seems to daunting and time intensive, you can always come to Fairshares for help, and Our ATM Suppliers take care of it at reasonable rates, so that you can devote your time and energies to other aspects of your business and daily responsibilities.

To find out more, simply contact us using the form below and we will be happy to help answer any questions that you may have.  For many ATM Machine owners, using Fairshares ATM Installation services has proven to be the smart choice!


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Customer Testimonials
Dane Marshlack, Accent ATM Pros

Fairshares ATM has helped grow my company from the start. They always are a head of the curve and great with support. Dane Marshlack, Accent ATM Pros

Jim Bono, The Doghouse Group

Fairshares ATM has not only solved our daily ATM needs at our locations, but deployed over 30 ATM's during our Daytona Bike week event with no issues, I recommend them highly. Jim Bono, The Doghouse Group

Craig Cambell, Honda St. Petersburg Grand Prix

We have used Fairshares ATM For 5 Years for our out door race. There mobile solutions are 100% professional. Craig Cambell, Honda St. Petersburg Grand Prix

Rui Sousa, Central Avenue Seafood Restaurant

Fairshares ATM solved all my ATM problems and keep my customers happy with there quick responses. Rui Sousa, Central Avenue Seafood Restaurant

Travis Reese, Ricks International

Fairshares ATM Has helped our chain of nightclubs by providing us a great solution for our ATM needs. Travis Reese, Ricks International

Thomas Mcneice, Bishop Lounge

I would recommend Fairshares ATM highly, They have always been attentive to our every need. Thomas Mcneice, Bishop Lounge

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