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Fairshares: One Stop Online Boutique for All Your ATM Needs

Fairshares is a full service ATM company that offers the best of ATM services and good ATM Vendor to its clients. We offer the country's most premium ATM systems at affordable rates. With our exclusively designed systems and world class services we can help you maximize your internal resources and also multiply your profits by huge numbers. Some of the services that we offer include ATM placement, ATM processing, ATM sales, ATM service and more. We also have trained and certified ATM Suppliers who are always ready to help you. At Fairshares we are determined to help you make your ATM buying experience the most pleasant one! ATM Machine Business

ATM Machine Business | ATM Business Opportunity | ATM Business

Learn more about becoming an ATM Distributor through our Fairshares ATM Dealer ATM Distributor Program.

Interested in the ATM business?  Are you currently an ATM distributor, or have you thought about looking further into opportunities which may be available?  At Fairshares, we can get you the answers if you are starting an ATM business, and make an informed decision. Fairshares boasts one the most robust ATM dealer programs in the entire ATM industry.  We have structured our model around a few key elements, designed to help you make the most of this venture.

Some of our features under the Fairshares ATM Dealer and Distributor Programs include:

Honest Wholesale Prices - What we pay, is what YOU pay!   At Fairshares, we provide best ATM Services, we charge NO markups as long as you are one of our ATM Distributors!  The same holds true for our ATM supplies as well!

First Class Support – Day or Night, 365 days a year, you can count on us to be there when you need us.  Real people, who know how to help, are waiting in the event that something comes up, or you have a question about any of our ATM Equipment.

Transparent Fee Structure - Put another way, NO Hidden Fees!  EVER

Compliance stickers - Completely fulfill all of Visa's requirements.  We provide these stickers absolutely free, and we don't charge anything for them.   If you've shopped around, you have no doubt come across companies that will charge in upwards of $5.00+ PER MACHINE.  Not us.  You're covered! We are also dealing in the ATM cabinets.

Free Online Real-Time Monitoring - You don't want to be without this feature.  We provide you or anyone that you authorize a special password secured address to view the status of your ATM's in service, including cash balance and up to the minute transaction history!  All at NO cost to you!

One-Day Early Settlements - Sure, you could wait until Wednesday, like other ATM processors do, but why should you have to, our ATM Vendors provide settlements on your accounts on Tuesday!

Low Rate ATM Placement Leasing Service – ATM Leasing is a great way to build your portfolio!  We can help with some of the lowest rates in the industry.  Whatever you need, we can help!

Customer Leads – Sure, we could just simply set the ATM Machines up and leave, but Fairshares goes beyond that!  We will supply you with FREE bona-fide Customer Leads.  Our rankings are consistently high in search engines like Google!  We can help you not only start your ATM business, but keep it robust and thriving.  If we get a lead, we'll send it your way.

Give us a call today!  We'd be happy to help you start an ATM business!


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Customer Testimonials
Dane Marshlack, Accent ATM Pros

Fairshares ATM has helped grow my company from the start. They always are a head of the curve and great with support. Dane Marshlack, Accent ATM Pros

Jim Bono, The Doghouse Group

Fairshares ATM has not only solved our daily ATM needs at our locations, but deployed over 30 ATM's during our Daytona Bike week event with no issues, I recommend them highly. Jim Bono, The Doghouse Group

Craig Cambell, Honda St. Petersburg Grand Prix

We have used Fairshares ATM For 5 Years for our out door race. There mobile solutions are 100% professional. Craig Cambell, Honda St. Petersburg Grand Prix

Rui Sousa, Central Avenue Seafood Restaurant

Fairshares ATM solved all my ATM problems and keep my customers happy with there quick responses. Rui Sousa, Central Avenue Seafood Restaurant

Travis Reese, Ricks International

Fairshares ATM Has helped our chain of nightclubs by providing us a great solution for our ATM needs. Travis Reese, Ricks International

Thomas Mcneice, Bishop Lounge

I would recommend Fairshares ATM highly, They have always been attentive to our every need. Thomas Mcneice, Bishop Lounge

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